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Sam, you run a blog, an online holistic health and beauty store- where you sell Be Genki your very own skincare range, how do you best manage your health and wellness?

With a lot of conscious effort each and every day. I keep my bathroom cupboards and kitchen cupboards well stocked with all my “essentials” and then buy fresh foods daily or weekly (depending where I am in the world). When I travel I take an extra bag full of all my healthy breakfast essentials: chia seeds, raw vegan protein powder (am currently obsessed with THE AMAZING MEAL), organic/biodynamic flax seed capsules, chlorella, iodine and a few other supplements to keep my immune system strong with all the flying and hotel hopping. I even pack my mini (travel size) Acupressure Pranamat. Every day I have a morning ritual of 45 minutes exercise, dry skin body brushing, self massage with Be Genki Body Oil, facial sequence with AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare, 15 minutes of meditation, and my morning smoothie. Once a week I create the space for a home spa ritual … an hour of “me time” indulgence.


What are your top 5 tips for improving wellness?

I only have one: Our body, mind and spirituality are all interconnected, so please make it a conscious daily practice to nurture a little part of each of these aspects each day.  But to expand on that:

1. consume a diet based on organic and biodynamic vegan wholefoods

2. drink LOTS of purified water at room temperature

3. exercise

4. meditate

5. take a moment of time each day for some “me” time. Even if it’s only 15 minutes.


For you, why is natural and organic best?

I value my body, mind and spirituality above all else, so I do all I can to nourish it with what it requires to thrive (not just survive), and do my best to avoid any toxins, including pesticides, hormone disruptors, genetically modified substances, synthetic flavors and fragrances, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals of all kinds etc, that are found in conventional (i.e. non-organic foods and personal care products). The list of known toxins is endless. By choosing natural and organic, I feel I’m doing my best to keep myself happy, healthy and open to more awakening. I have a desire to become more awake, conscious and aware. We, as beings, function holistically so to become more vibrant and healthy requires all aspects of our self – the physical, emotional and spiritual – to be functioning optimally. These aspects are all interlinked, and depend upon a toxic-free environment.


Can you tell us about your skincare range Be Genki and why you created it.

The short answer: to help encourage and inspire holistic happiness by providing products with lifestyle tips that help to bring about a positive change, whether that be improving energy levels, helping to prepare for a tranquil night’s sleep, helping to ease everyday stress, or encouraging a nurturing relationship with Self – the four key areas that I believe bring about holistic happiness.

The long answer:

At age 21 I reached a point where I was desperately lost. From the outside view everything looked perfect, but internally I was crying out for help as I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get through this thing called “life”. A world filled with abuse, judgment, anger, tragedy, lies, prejudice and pretension. I wasn’t willing to confirm to this reality and just accept that this is the way things are. I pretty much had a breakdown and decided that I could either keep on going as I was going or make a change. So I made the change and seeked out people and disciplines to learn from so as to open my mind to as many different points of view about holistic living and this very much started my deep dive in to exploring my spirituality. I spoke to counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists. I engaged in work experience at health retreats. I practiced yoga, Vipassana mediation, Access Consciousness. Whatever I came across in day-to-day life (whether it be naturopathy, homeopathy, reflexology, herbs, massage or energy work for example) I researched, experienced and tried my best to understand and gain an understanding of its principles and practices. Essentially I threw myself wholeheartedly at exposing myself to as many different points of view out there that I could find, in the hope of finding what it takes to live an inspired life complete with holistic health and happiness: to be loving nurturing and healing energy to anyone that requires it from me; to be vulnerable so as to see things as they truly are; to be in total allowance; to trust that the universe will look after me; and to trust thy will, not my will. It’s been a challenging and confronting journey … but oh so much more rewarding than surrendering to the drama, trauma, fear, cravings, aversions, envy and anti-consciousness that the mainstream reality conditions us to function from. .  I have an unquenchable thirst to educate myself and grow as a Being to become more awake, more conscious, more aware and more synchronized with the whole of existence.

So, for as long as I can remember I have always had a strong interest in health and wellbeing, I guess I was just looking for the inspiration to base a business around. That inspiration turned out to be a girlfriend of mine, who used to suffer from anxiety and depression, and was taking anti-depression medication on a daily basis. This upset me for a number of reasons. It bothered me to think that she would become more and more dependent on these pills every day, and maybe end up taking them for years, decades or worst-case scenario, for life. But most of all it really upset me to think that she wasn’t encouraged to explore other alternatives before committing to daily medication. Her lifestyle was not taken in to consideration.

So I made her a blend of essential oils for use in the bath, and suggested that she dedicate some time at the end of each day which was just for her…shut the door of the bathroom, run a bath, pour the oil blend into the bath, and then sit back and relax for twenty minutes.

After about six weeks she came back to me and was so thankful for the advice that I had given her. She felt that she was confident enough to go off her medication. She didn’t know whether it was the ritual of running the bath each night, watching the water flow into the bath tub or the oils that she was inhaling but something sparked confidence in her. She then worked towards exercising more and taking a look at her diet to make healthier choices. She even went off her medication, and to this day has not popped those pills again. You can only imagine how happy this made me feel. Whatever it was that gave her the confidence to take control of her anxiety and depression and ultimately her life, was enough to inspire me to help more people. So I thought about other areas of our lives that we need help with improving in today’s fast paced world and as a result developed the four Be Genki ranges:

•                 Vitality to help us improve our energy levels.

•                 Tranquility to help us prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep.

•                 Serenity to help us cope with everyday stresses. (The blend that I gave to my girlfriend)

•                 Sensuality to help us nurture the loving relationships that we have with our partner, and more importantly our Self.


In my opinion, these are the four key areas that bring about holistic happiness.

Too often, I hear stories about people who run to the chemist to pop a pill for a symptom that they’re suffering from, when they could be utilising alternative medicine and/or making lifestyle changes to target the cause. Whether it’s reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee during the day to get a burst of energy; tossing and turning in bed at night or relying on sleeping tablets to get to sleep; suffering from anxiety and depression, freaking out at the “little things” or losing your temper at those that you love most because you haven’t dealt with the issue appropriately; or simply “beating yourself up” and criticising yourself over something that really isn’t that big a deal in the scheme of things. That is not what life is all about!

Life today is fast paced. Most of us are faced with stress on a day-to-day basis whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually. In order to achieve optimum wellness and inner harmony we need to learn how to deal with that stress and nurture ourselves on all levels, inside and out.


Do you have any skincare tips or trade secrets?

For a healthy glowing complexion it’s very much the same as my wellness tip above: Our body, mind and spirituality are all interconnected, so please make it a conscious daily practice to nurture a little part of each of these aspects each day, to help bring about a healthy, happy and vibrant “you”.  One of the functions of the skin is to excrete toxins. If we feed our body with toxins the skin will naturally try to eliminate them. It is important to work in harmony with the skin by supporting its natural function. For example:

1. Starting the day with dry skin body brushing.

2. Choosing natural and organic personal care products

3. Reducing stress.

4. Eating a diet based on organic and biodynamic wholefoods and remember to drink an adequate amount of purified water each and every day.

Of course this is a very simplified explanation of how the skin functions, but I hope you get the idea that it is essential to consider skincare from a holistic point-of-view, otherwise you’re just sending the toxins deeper in to the body to other organs and they may manifest as a more serious condition/disease later in life if they aren’t effectively eliminated. That might sound alarming, but whether you like it or not, it’s fact.


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