Clara Hope Hair Tea

clara hope

I was lucky enough to be sent out a sample pack of this unique product- tea for your hair! Sounds strange hey!? I found it super effective of removing the build-up of hair products and good to give your hair and scalp a good cleanse and clean. It’s just like the tea you drink- but you don’t drink it of course! You boil the kettle and steep the hair tea pod, wait for it to cool and pour over your hair and scalp. What a fabulous invention! It is full of nourishing and detoxing ingredients- none of which are nasty or toxic.

ClaraHope is an Australian brand established in 2014 specialising in artisanal haircare that is additive free, Earth positive and honest. Their Hair Tea pods are Grace’s own creation, inspired by her mother, named after her daughter and fuelled by a desire to provide you with natural, healthy alternatives to many haircare products available today. Her desire and hope for you is that you will take a little time to pamper yourself with your favourite skin care regime, enjoy a bath, or sip on a cup of tea while you enjoy the aromatic benefits of their products. Soak up those ten or twenty minutes just for YOU.

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