DIY body scrubs


Here are a few of my favourite DIY body scrubs to get smooth and glowing skin this winter. Simply mix all the ingredients together and massage the into the skin for 10 minutes in circular, sweeping motions. Rinse thoroughly.

The Quick Fix: Caffeine Scrub (via Everyday Glow)

This one uses coffee for a hit of caffeine which will tighten and tone the skin. It is great as it not only smells delicious and is easy to make but it boosts circulation leading to a healthy glow. Note: it can be quite messy so I prefer to apply it in the shower before turning the water on. You can add another 2tbs of coffee grounds as you rinse off for added exfoliation if you like.

2tbs ground coffee

1/8 cup organic coconut oil


Honey salt scrub

1tbs honey

2-3 tbs jojoba oil (or I have used sweet almond oil)

3 tbs fine salt


Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub (via Everyday Glow)

I am yet to try this one but it is next on my list… sounds delicious!

1 cup sugar (can swap for organic brown sugar if too abrasive)

1 heaped tbs raw cacoa

3-4 tsp organic coconut oil (melted)

Have you got any DIY body scrub recipes that you love? Let me know how you go with these ones.

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