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Guest post by Natalie Kringoudis.

If you don’t already have a copy of fertilise yourself – then it’s time got onboard.  And what’s more, fertility means health.  So if your body is speaking to you gently in the form of endometriosis or poly cystic ovaries, it’s time to show it the respect it deserves and listen.  For these signs may be gentle for the while, but give them a little longer and they’ll be no softer than a toddler on a piano (I can hear the lack of tune from here).  

I like to make this super easy for you – so today, I’m giving you just 3 essential foods to get in your fridge and on your table for a more fertile you this year.

Wild Salmon – is busting with the good stuff.  Omega 3’s, fatty acids, fabulous protein quality and other essential vitamins and minerals like B12 and iron.  Meaning it helps all the fertile bits, it helps your body cope with stress and fuels you in such a way you won’t be reaching for the cookie jar at 11pm because your body will have ticked all the fueling boxes.  You know when we having everything we need – we are less likely to crave.

Coconut oil/butter – my most favorite food ever.  I’m nuts for coconuts!  Coconut water is high in electrolytes (hello wrinkle zapper and IVF support to stop overstimulation), the oil and butter is the most amazing therapeutic fat going, it’s also a fantastic cleanser and moisturiser.  Plus, it assists in weight loss, it’s packed full of antimicrobial-ness, it will help balance your hormones and it tastes amazing!  Hello.. what are you waiting for?

Olives – Olives are useful to assist in maintaining a healthy reproductive environment because of their high antioxidants levels – aka, they help the body recover from daily living.  You know, cells are changed by stress which will present as poor semen quality (think abnormal forms or motility issues), poor egg quality in women, period pain and PMS – I can keep on going and going.  Seriously – why wouldn’t you be eating olives everyday already?

Like…. right now. 
Seen the movie ‘How to loose a guy in 10 days?’ Well, thats what I’m thinking… ‘How to make you more fertile in 10 days!’

Each day that you make positive changes toward better health, your body reflects this as it immediately begins repairing and functioning properly. Some of this we can quickly feel and others take a little longer. But did you know, that at a cellular level, your body will be completely new this exact time, in 1 year? Each and every day, our cells grow and change. If we are providing our body with adequate nutrients, it will be influenced to change in a better way. Living an unhealthy lifestyle will without doubt, do the opposite.

So here are my top 10 steps to a more fertile you!

WATER! ~ Purified, good quality water. Does amazing things for the body, it helps to cleanse and move toxins out. Build up of toxins is a fertility killer!

REDUCE STRESS ~ an absolute must. Stress disrupts regular body function in so many ways. Introduce massage*, yoga and at least 4 hours of ‘you’ time every week.

SLEEP ~ Being in bed before 11pm is essential for good body function. If you have issues with sleep, best you get that sorted. And no, sleeping pills are not sorting it out. It might be time you paid me a visit at The Pagoda Tree!

WEIGHT LOSS/GAIN ~ being underweight may mean that you ovulate too regularly, which sounds good but actually leaves you ‘sub-fertile (infertile temporarily). A specific amount of time is required for a fertile menstrual cycle. The opposite goes for those who are overweight. Being over an ideal body weight will mean less attempts of ovulation. Weight places extra stress on the body – and your body ain’t silly! It knows that the uterus isn’t an essential organ for survival, so it compromises and uses the energy elsewhere.

DIET ~ adequate nutrients from healthy foods are a MUST. Adding protein and lessening refined foods does wonderful things!

MORE SEX ~ get those hormones flowing!

EXERCISE ~ not too little but not too much! Too much exercise may to crazy things to your menstrual cycle and disrupt ovulation. Too little exercise isn’t healthy either. Stick to 1 hour every other day.

WORK LESS ~ you can only expect out of your body what you put in. The number of patients I see that reduce work hours and fall pregnant soon after is almost shocking.

GO ORGANIC ~ comes back to eliminating toxins. Eating clean foods, without nasty chemicals creates a cleaner environment internally. Your body can only function better like this!

DON’T DO DRUGS ~ sounds silly but I mean medications. All medications have ramifications. All are toxic. Some are necessary, and others aren’t. There are alternatives. Explore the alternatives. Headaches, period pain, Irritable Bowel yadda yadda yadda… are NOT normal. They are signs your body isn’t working. So fix it!

Oopss… I have 11 things actually!

MORE SUNSHINE! More vitamin D. More health.

Unless structural problems are present, most women are fertile. Increasing amounts of endometrosis, Poly Cystic Ovaries and fertility issues are worrying but they are treatable. Positive changes (aka 10 things to increase your fertility) coupled with individualised and specific treatment will lead to positive outcomes, because the body will work if you feed it what it needs!

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