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How do you take time out daily/weekly/monthly for self care?

I’ve found starting my day with exercise and some me time is SO important. It boosts my energy and puts my head in a good place before startingelle work. Getting outside and planning or allocating time for new adventures is refreshing too.

What are your top natural beauty tips for creating a healthier life?

Making sure I eat healthy foods, drink enough water, move daily, and get enough sleep!
What three products you cannot live without?

3 things I can’t live without – my phone, family, the beach!

What is your favourite way to exercise?

Yoga, surfing, and taking Klaus for a walk! I love being outside getting a nature hit as much as possible and moving in a way that I find enjoyable rather than a chore.

What has been your biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment in the natural beauty world?

I think the moment I realised our bodies aren’t designed to have highly processed foods or loads of chemicals made me realise I needed to get back to basics. Working from the inside out on my health.
How do you add a little luxe to your life?

The first thing that came to mind was mint Pana Chocolate haha! $7 a pop, that’s pretty luxe.


Elle Fit Active was founded in April 2014 by Eliza Landgren (Elle or @elle_fit to her Instagram community). What started as stretching for pain relief has grown into the brand Elle Fit Active – The Home of Stretching. A place where people around the world can access simple, effective and affordable stretching guides.

Website: http://www.ellefitactive.com

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