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If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I love my Elle Fit Active stretching guides. After years of inactivity due to illness my body was back to square one, actually it was way worse than that!! I had a lot of work to do and a lot of core strength and flexibility to regain. Due to my ongoing health battles (read more about suffering from CFS here) and after my pregnancy and birth in 2014, earlier this year I was ready to start committing to regular stretching and exercise. My body was so tight and had a lot of back and hip pain. I wanted something I could do at home, in the mornings while Harrison was playing or at night whist watching some trashy TV!


I started by downloading Elle’s Get Bendy guide and found this to be a great start; if only I had this years ago maybe I wouldn’t have been in such bad shape! I then wanted more and found that her Get Split guide (which isn’t just about doing the splits!) to be absolutely amazing! I now crave doing these stretches as it loosens the muscles and releases them. I now have so much more flexibility and I have noticed in my weekly yoga class that I am able to do a whole lot more and do it well. The best thing is you can download the guides starting at just $16.95- so that’s a whole lot cheaper than paying to go to a yoga stretching class!

If you are pregnant or recently had a baby Elle’s sister Dana has developed a guide just for you (available on Elle’s site). I wish I had this whilst I was pregnant too as my hips were oh so sore! Next time I’ll be set! 😉

Elle has recently released Get Inverted which I am looking forward to- I’m always up for a bit of a challenge! Check out her site, she has fabulous bundle deals and also has a heap of info and posts to help you out.
Enjoy! x

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