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When my health hit rock bottom a few years ago I needed a way to add a heap of goodness to my diet. I didn’t have much of an appetite; I had no energy to get creative in the kitchen, heck I could barely leave my bed or the couch for a glass of water. I somehow stumbled across green smoothies online- back before they were cool, and I started reading up on the benefits of adding weird green things to your diet and I discovered a whole new world of supplements sourced directly from nature.  Back then you couldn’t buy green smoothies at cafes or easily source ingredients that I had read about. Hmmm… I got thinking and thought if I could somehow get these ingredients into my kitchen, chuck a banana or berries in and wizz it all up then surely my body would function better.

My health isn’t something I often talk about here or on social media as I really don’t want to throw a pity party, even through some days I actually do. My illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is something that I still struggle with six years later. I have learnt that the better I eat, the better I feel, which, along with my green smoothie discovery was the catalyst for starting this blog.
So back to green smoothies, I got online and started buying some of these ingredients called ‘superfoods’ I had never heard of before; spirulina, chlorella, maca, acai, chia seeds, cacao… the list goes on and new weird and wonderful superfoods are popping up all the time.


I started having my green smoothies religiously. Over time they actually made me feel better. They helped my body function better. When I went a day without one I really felt it. So I created the raw+pure Green Smoothie Guide to share with you. I’m not into smoothie recipes as I don’t measure ingredients out and follow them word for word so using this guide you can mix and match to what your body needs. Do your research and look up the ingredients to see what your body needs.

Today I want to share with you some of the ingredients I use to help make my smoothies delicious. If, like me, you don’t want to run around to a million different health food stores (they never seem to have everything I want at the one) to source your ingredients I have linked in where you can buy online to make it super easy for you. FYI Green Smoothies aren’t always green in colour!

Coconut water: I love and have been using H2COCO, they also have flavoured water if you want to add an extra flavour to your smoothie. The Pomegranate and Acai one is my favourite! Also Natural Raw C is another great one.

Coconut oil: I don’t always add coconut oil, but make sure you source one that is virgin or extra virgin, cold-pressed and unrefined and organic. It shouldn’t be yellow as a lot of the supermarket brands are. I like a few brands including Nutra Organics, H2COCO, Cocolife and Absolute Organic.

Greens: This is the game changing ingredient and if you don’t think you can stomach too much of that very specific green flavour then Green Nutritional make tablets too. I am currently taking the Spirulina tablets and I also add a little Green Superfoods to my smoothie. Check out their site they have the full range.

Superfoods: I love adding Maca (hormone and mood balancing!), AcaiCacao (not Cocoa), chia seeds and anything else I can get my hands on! Usually I just throw in a teaspoon or so. Check out Powder Super Foods- they have a great range.

Probiotics/prebiotics: Only recently have I discovered adding pro-prebiotic fermented powders to my smoothies for another hit of goodness. I love The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder, and she also has a heap of other gorgeous creations (I LOVE the Collagen Beauty Boost!) to nourish you from the inside out. Also, Whole Live Nutrients are another brand to help up your daily nutritional intake. I use the Women’s all-in-one Multi and also love their Pre-probiotic Fibre in Vanilla and Fig- delicious!

Protien Powder: Not all protein powders are in the same class and I am far from an expert so please do your own research. Two brands I have really enjoyed using are Wildbag– raw superfood cacao protein, and also Health Lab- Skin Food, Vanilla Protien Blend. If you have specific needs, you might prefer to add your own.

Fruit: I always have spray-free blueberries in my freezer (bought from my local health food shop) so I always add these and now I skip the sweetener (honey or dates) as I find berries and a banana sweet enough. Again, do your own research on fruit and sugars and stick to what your body needs.


Please don’t be overwhelmed by the list of ingredients. Start small and as you learn more you can add in more goodness. You don’t have to have all these ingredients and superfoods for smoothies to be beneficial. Start where you are at and what you’ve got and take small steps each week.

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