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Gypsy Juice is a range of raw blended skincare that contains only 100% certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined oils, butters and botanicals. The ingredients have been selected from some of the most exotic, lush and remote places on earth. Each and every Gypsy Juice product is hand blended upon order to ensure you receive the freshest, most nutritious blend possible. Sounds amazing hey?! Well it is! I have been using the Essential Vitamin Eye Balm over the last month and a bit and I am loving it! It is so different to other products I have tried and it is so hydrating and full of such goodness which is so important for that delicate area around the eyes. It is also a highly versatile product and can be used as a hydrating balm on the face or for any other dry spots too. I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Sommer who is the creator and beauty behind the brand.

+ I love the name Gypsy Juice, it sounds so adventurous and free-spirited. Can you tell us a bit more about your journey in creating Gypsy Juice and why?

Thank you,that is so kind. I love the name too! It’s so fun and really resonates with me and my products. I started this gorgeous little company of mine about 3 years ago now and since then I have been based in New York, Antigua (living on a yacht in Falmouth Harbour) to now, where I am living in beautiful old town Palma De Mallorca. With me being an absolute health nut and often on the move for many years now, I was finding it terribly hard to find products that contained absolutely no nasties what so ever. So long ago I started making my own skincare with all types of wonderful ingredients that I came across along my travels. I wanted to create an organic skincare range that would be the yummiest, most nutritious, delicious and organic, raw meal for your skin. A small, exquisite collection of 5 products that provide your skin with all the minerals, nutrients, fatty-acids and anti-oxidants required for optimal skin health.

+ What is your daily beauty routine?

 I always begin my skincare routine with freshly washed hands.

 Firstly I cleanse my face with my Gypsy Juice Luxurious cleansing oil, it is a lovely blend of protective and healing oils to soften, cleanse and promote skin elasticity.

 Next I indulge my skin and senses with my Rose Blossom Mist, it is made purely from 100% certified organic Bulgarian rose petals (I fly a lot and this is the most wonderful product for instant hydration on flights).

 I then use my Antioxidant face oil around my eye area and as I traditionally have dry skin I use my essential vitamins eye balm all over my face (I love a rich cream all over as it leaves my skin with a lovely healthy glow).

+ Why is natural and organic so important to you?

 Our skin is our largest organ and it makes me really sad to see people using skincare products containing all types of yucky petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, alcohol, preservatives, pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Surely this can’t be the making of a happy, healthy, vibrant, youthful complexion.

+ What are your top 5 beauty tips and tricks?

-Nourish your skin from within-

To help maintain a lovely complexion, fill your body with beautiful, fresh, organic/pesticide free produce. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, so hydrate your body with around 2 litres of water per day.

 -Be happy, healthy and embrace your unique beauty-

Stress, worry, anger, frustration and negative feelings are all nasties for your health and in turn for your skin. Set aside a little time each day to take part in something you truly enjoy. Whether it be yoga, meditation, reading a book or taking a walk in nature, it will do wonders for your mind set and give you an overall happy healthy glow.

 -Skincare regime morning and night-

I personally feel there is nothing more enjoyable after your shower, than indulging your senses and skin with exquisite oils and healing botanicals.  It is such a lovely and relaxing practise and really creates a beautiful start and end to your day.

 -Create the ultimate, raw, organic meal for your skin-

By feeding your skin with organic, cold pressed, unrefined, oils, butters and botanicals, you will be supplying your skin with all the nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids it needs.

 -Be a compassionate and conscientious consumer-

With so many skincare products on the market today, choose to support brands that employ eco-friendly and compassionate practises. By supporting these types of companies, you are contributing to a more positive and sustainable future.  A happy healthy planet means a happy healthy self.


sommer2Products can be purchased via the Gypsy Juice site and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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