Health Talks TV {sharing health + wellness}

If you are all about being the healthiest version of yourself then do yourself a favour and checkout Health Talks TV. These amazing girls have teamed up to share their best tips and tricks and are all about educating people, particularly women, to be as healthy as possible.


A little bit about the girls:

Dr Natalie Kringoudis: a doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, a natural fertility expert, the author of Fertilise Yourself and the owner of a popular Melbourne women’s health clinic.

Jess Ainscough: a former magazine writer who healed her body from cancer naturally. Now she is a health coach, a motivational speaker, the creator of the hugely popular blog, Lifestyle Transformation Guide creator and a soon-to-be published Hay House author.

Melissa Ambrosini: a former actress and dancer (having guest starred on Packed To The Rafters and danced at the Moulin Rouge in Paris) who, after experiencing major burn out, naturally healed herself of adrenal fatigue. Now she is a health coach who specialises in empowering women.

Samantha Gowing: a therapeutic chef, an award-winning clinical nutritionist, author of That Healing Feeling and a renowned teacher of food as medicine.

Be sure to like them on Facebook so you are up-to-date with all the episodes. Below is the latest episode; the first for season two.


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