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For those who haven’t heard of Jessica Ainscough, aka The Wellness Warrior, you are in for a treat! I first stumbled across her site a while back and was instantly inspired from her wealth of knowledge and understanding to do with everything wellness. Jessica is a writer, holistic health coach, and a green juicing, cancer-kicking Wellness Warrior. Her site is an absolute treasure trove of information, I have written about her here. I am a member of her latest venture the Lifestyle Transformation Guide which is such an amazing space filled with delightful goodies to help you live a better life. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing her and I’m thrilled to share her secrets with you…

+ For someone just starting out on their wellness journey what would be your biggest piece of advice for them?

Don’t deprive yourself of anything – add the good, healthy stuff in to crowd out the nasty stuff. And don’t be so hard on yourself if you aren’t perfect – say only nice things to yourself.

+ What are your top 5 tips to living a better, healthier lifestyle?

1. Practice constant self love – be super kind to yourself.

2. Eat real food (organic, whole, plants).

3. Spend time every single day in stillness – either in meditation or just silent, still reflection. Create some space in your mind.

4. Move your body every single day.

5. Let your body soak up the sun. 20 minutes of sunlight every day will do you wonders.

+ What are some of your favourite beauty brands/products & why?

I love Mukti, Kora Organics, Sodashi, Savi, and La Mav. They are all natural, organic Australian brands that actually work. They leave the skin feeling amazing, and they smell beautiful.

+ For the people that claim that it (eating, living, cleaning toxic free) is all too hard, what would be your advice?

Yep, it can be pretty overwhelming when you find out that everything you thoughts was okay is actually bad for you. It can be expensive, difficult to maintain, and a burden on your fun. However, the rewards of sticking with it are incredible. Take it step by step, crowd out the bad by adding in the good, and swap your old nasty habits of delicious healthy new ones.

+ What are your non negotiables when it comes to skincare & make up?

It must be certified organic and I love coconut oil for everything – moisturiser, hair masks, make-up remover.

+ What would be your advice to your ‘old’ self?

You can do better.

+ We all need time out and time to ourselves. How are you ‘kind’ to yourself? And how does your new program Lifestyle Transformation Guide help with this.

Everything I do is rooted in self kindness. I eat foods that make my body feel good, I meditate every day, I spend time in nature every day, I hang out with my amazing dog, I practice yoga, I lie in the sun every day, and I make decisions based on what will make me truly happy.

The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a revolutionary program designed to guide people to live their lives from a place of self kindness. It takes the overwhelm and deprivation out of living a healthy lifestyle, and leads people along the path of incredible self respect to a sustainable lifestyle reinvention. It is a guide, a coach, and a support system that I created to ensure those who do it are able to achieve everything they want – in their health goals, life goals, career goals, and relationship goals.



The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide


  • I’m also doing her program and am loving it. I’m up to step two now, trying to get into a good morning routine that works for me, it’s very exciting. I’m aiming to incorporate positive affirmations, a kick start of nutrients and deciding on a purpose for the day.

    • Danielle says:

      That’s awesome Maddison & very exciting! Oh and if you’re wondering what happened to your other comments; they got wiped by accident :( sorry about that x

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