My favorite F word – Fertility! And what every 13 – 99 year old needs to know.


Guest post by Natalie Kringoudis.

If you’re a woman between the ages of 13 and 99, please, keep reading.  Most of us can be forgiven for tucking our ‘fertility’ away in our knickers for the first 30 or so years of our life.  We hope it fires up nicely in our 30s and sometimes into our 40’s and then beyond that, we generally don’t give two hoots about it and tuck it back in where the sun don’t shine.  I want to share something with you today.  Fertility isn’t just about babies.  Fertility is about your overall health and wellness, being the healthiest version of yourself.

When I first wrote my book Fertilise Yourself, I was lead to do so by my busting inbox, full of questions as to how couples trying desperately to conceive could improve their chances.  I wanted to provide a kick butt resource that simplified the ideas surrounding fertility that gave people the tools to ramp up the F factor as well as ideas of how they could implement that starting immediately.  Things they could do in their own lives and own homes that made ALL the difference.  What I quickly discovered was that it wasn’t the couples trying for a baby, I had to convince to be healthy.  They already appreciated the need to make themselves super human – because the health of the parent helps shapes the health of the offspring.  I very quickly realised I had to go on a crusade, to educate young women faced with health challenges, that they had options that they simply had to explore – in fact their reproductive future depended on it.

Gynecological disorders like poly cystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis or equally those women going through menopause, needed somebody to reach out – to encourage them to find solutions – not bandaids.

Now I’m not opposed to modern medicine – everything has a place.  What I am so very tired of, is the over prescription of pharmaceuticals like the pill that aren’t actually offering women a reasonable treatment option that actually fixes the problem.  Endometriosis doesn’t go away when you take the pill – it is still there.  And very often, women still experience horrific symptoms whilst on the pill – but medicine has nothing else to offer.  Sadly, it’s gone beyond the point of looking at the complete picture when it comes to health.  I have to ask – why is the endometriosis there in the first place?  And really, the same goes for all health conditions – from headaches right through to infertility.

When our bodies are fueled well and respected fully, we can expect so much more out of them.  It’s far from rocket science – but in a world where we fast forward to the most complicated, invasive and often health compromising treatment first, we can be forgiven for feeling helpless, often leaving our health in the hands of others, when really we should be in charge of it ourselves.

So back to my F word.  You see, fertility isn’t just about the babes.  It is about sporting a healthy reproductive system, which stems from a really rockin’ healthy body.  There’s absolutely no harm in striving for wellness.  Taking the reigns, educating yourself, getting healthy (and I mean really healthy) and embarking on your own wellness journey is something I hope to inspire every single woman to do.  Plus the results are pretty awesome!  I look forward to sharing further with you and diving deeper into wellness and fertility with you here at raw + pure.

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