Natura Siberica launches in Australia


Everyone loves a good scrub these days and I’m no different! So when I tried Natura Siberica scrub and body butter I was surprised to find that both these products are completely unique to other products on the market. I love that the scrub is effective but it is like a whipped creamy goodness that goes onto your skin softly yet exfoliates. The body butter is fantastic- since leaving toxic ingredients behind years ago I had struggled to find a comparative body butter to that of The Body Shop body butters which I loved (until I looked at what was in it!)- until now! The Oblepikha Body Butter is a delicious smelling moisteriser that nourishes the skin yet doesn’t feel like you’ve just applied a jar of oil to your body.
body butterbody butter2

Natura Siberica was recently launched in Australia and is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and exclusive natural ingredients sourced from the unspoilt continent of Siberia. You can check out Natura Siberica here and their products are also available at Chemist Warehouse nationwide.

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