Natural Beauty {Teisha Lowry}


I want to introduce you to Teisha Lowry: the beauty and brains behind Indah. A deluxe range of all natural and purely organic body care, fragrances and virgin coconut oil.


+ When did your love for coconut oil begin and how did it come about?

It was a long time ago when my Mum used to put it in our curries and then in my hair to get my knots out. However, I started learning the nutritional value of it about five years ago when I was travelling a lot around Indonesia. I was only cooking with it and applying it topically, but then I started making up concoctions of beauty treatments with it and I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Around that same time I founded INDAH using coconut oil as the base of all of my products. I am still studying the benefits of coconut oil and using it in all my products, however it is such a naturally amazing oil I have now brought it out on its own.

+ What are your top beauty tips?

I think it’s true that beauty is from within (cliché I know) but I find when I focus on these 5 tips I am at my peak, I feel confident, I feel beautiful and my skin glows!

1) Diet: Everybody is different, so what diet works for one may not work for the other (however I don’t like to use the word diet, it’s more of a food journey). You can investigate your very own type through a Metabolic Type Practitioner.

2) Moisturise/Exfoliate: Like the sun in summer our skin reflects a certain glow, to keep that maintained I like to use my body butters Sari and Dreamland from head to toe, this locks in moisture because of the potent blend of premium pure essential oils and virgin coconut oil.

3) Keep hydrated: I drink plenty of purified water to flush out toxins. I avoid chilled water especially during a workout, because it sits in the pit of your stomach until it reduces to your body’s temperature for it to digest.

4) Healthy dash of sunrays: People are so scared of sun these days. It’s very important to me to get at least 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. The sun’s energy can help clear my emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that are affecting my Chakras.

5) Balance between exercise and sleep: I have to make time for my health and wellbeing – that’s the most important thing to me. I make this a priority, because when I’m stressed, unfit and unhealthy I’m not being the best person I can be. I try and get to get to bed a little over two hours after sunset, this will sync my circadian rhythm (biological process) and I will have more energy and I won’t be craving those sugary spikes at 3pm the next day.

+ Why is coconut oil so good for you (inside and out)?

I have been taking coconut oil for a long time now as it helps fight off free radicals that are attacking our cells, which are caused by the processed foods we eat, pollution and other environmental factors such as sunburn. Coconut oil isn’t stored in the body as fat it is used up as energy as it has 64% medium chained fatty acids and therefore isn’t absorbed into the lymphatic system. Long chain fatty acids are used in other vegetable oils or processed foods and they require energy to be used and stored in the bloodstream. The lauric Acid content in INDAH coconut oil has been tested to between 55-57% and this lauric acid is converted in the body as monolaurin which exhibits antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and therefore why there’s so much research that it can assist with fighting bacterial infections and viruses.  Not only is coconut oil beneficial for our health, you can also use it on your skin. INDAH’s coconut oil is so unrefined it has the vital proteins and enzymes for softening dry skin, whilst healing it, removing dead skin cells and encouraging new, healthier tissue without feeling greasy; it is the perfect skin drink.

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+ What is your diet and fitness philosophy?

There is so much emphasis to working out we forget to work in. Training too hard is stressful on the body and that’s when we end up sick or injured. We all need to make time for ourselves and to focus on an effective work/life balance. Most of us don’t have celebrity trainers or personal chefs to prepare our meals, but with a bit of time management you can get in a nice 20-30 minute workout every day. A nice yoga/stretch/breathing session in the lounge room in the morning or a brisk walk with interval workloads is less stressful, yet more effective. You have to make time for YOU! Not anybody else. I don’t believe in anybody who tells me they don’t have time to look after themselves.

Watch Teisha’s tips for incorporating coconut oil into your routine.



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