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If you have been following my blog and social media pages for awhile now you would know that a skincare brand I love is RosehipPLUS™. I love this brand as it is simple, effective and is very kind to the budget oh and of course it goes without saying all their products have an ingredient list that can be trusted. Tick, tick, tick and tick!

I use the RosehipPLUS™ Rosehip Oil every day before I moisturise in the morning and have been doing so since I was first introduced to the brand several years ago. I find that my skin really needs this extra boost of hydration, especially with the changing of seasons and I never find my skin too oily (aka shiny!). You only need a few drops so a bottle goes a long, long way. This naturally occurring oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. You can also add to the top of your cheekbones as a highlighter- I like to do this later in the day to perk my skin up and their roll on is perfect for this.

RosehipPLUS oil


The benefits of RosehipPLUS™ Rosehip Oil:

  • Reduces the appearance of stretchmarks and scars
  • Maintains skin hydration and softness
  • Improves appearance of dry and sensitive skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes skin elasticity and texture



RosehipPLUS™ recently released their Organic Daily Cleanser which I was lucky enough to trial and I can honestly say that it is a favourite of mine and I am quite fussy with my cleansers these days. It doesn’t dry out your skin (weird fact: I used to think that my face wasn’t clean unless I got out of the shower and it was so tight from being super dried out from my cleanser I’d just used- hello yucky chemicals doing nothing for my skin! Eek!), it takes away make up and is gentle on the skin.

In fact RosehipPLUS™ entire range is a winner (and no I’m not paid to say this!) and to top all of that off their products are available for under $30 each! In the organic and natural world this is very rare. Check out their range here and the great news is that they are available at Chemist Warehouse nationwide.



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