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How do you take time out daily/weekly/monthly for self-care?

Self-care is my top priority. It comes before anything else in my day, and is interwoven throughout my days and evenings so that work is a happy extension of my life that I enjoy. I use to work around the clock but then soon realised that, that’s not what life is all about. My view is that life is here to be celebrated and enjoyed every moment of the day.

DAILY: I start my morning with a swim at the beach as the sun is rising. Followed by a workout either at the gym or my yoga/training room at home. We have a VersaClimber in our training room, so I jump on that and follow with yoga stretches. The versa climber is a brilliant all-over-body workout.

I love to cook, so I prepare all 3 meals for my husband and I when we’re not travelling, and we always make the time to sit at the table and enjoy it together. In the afternoons I love going for a walk in our garden to talk to all our herbs, veggies, fruit trees and the birds and critters in the garden. At sunset we go down to the beach for a walk and practice a little sungazing as the sun sets over the hinterland.  In the evenings I love taking a bath with my Be genki essential oil blends and follow with an application of Be genki Body Oil. We always have our Be Genki candles burning throughout the evening as well, to help infuse the house with fresh natural scents. So as you can tell, self-care is pretty much my top priority whether that be for my body, mind or spirit.

WEEKLY: Once a week I love indulging in a mini home spa ritual, waxing my legs (if they need to be done), painting my toenails, giving my hair an argan oil treatment, exfoliating my body, applying a face mask, and lay about reading a good book. My husband and I love gifting each other energy work, once a week too.

MONTHLY: Twice a month I book in for a 90 minute massage.


What are your top natural beauty tips for creating a healthier life?

My number one tip is to fall in love with yourself and your body. So that you place your self at the top of the ladder of caring and let go of the self-judgments and comparisons. I’m not implying to forget or neglect everyone else in your life. But once you truly value, love and respect your self and your body, without the need to compare you or your body to anyone else, then this energy of authentic gratitude, kindness and caring overflows to your loved ones and everyone else you come in contact with. This brings with it more happiness, more health, and more wellbeing.


What three products can you not live without?

Be genki Body Oils – I apply them every day to help keep my skin soft and smooth, but also to enjoy the balancing effect that the organic essential oils have on my emotional state. The blend of organic base oils are those that you’d find in a face oil, so it’s the ultimate everyday luxury for the body. Considering our skin is an organ, it’s imperative to me that I use pure and organic plant oils to nurture my skin, as it has a flow on effect to the wellbeing of the rest of my body and mind.

Pranaline Pranamat – it is fantastic for relieving lower back pain, headaches and that dull PMS pain. It’s also the only pranamat on the market that can claim to be genuinely natural and eco-friendly due to the coconut husk interior and other eco components. Ever since I came across it 6 years ago it’s been a constant in my life that I lay on at least once every week.

INTENSAE toxin-free vegan nail lacquers – I love painting my toenails and changing the colour every week. I feel a little feral if my nails aren’t polished. The great thing with INTENSAE is that the lacquers are high quality so they remain chip-free for over 10 days when you use the top coat.


What is your favourite way to exercise?

A walk and swim at the beach. Nothing beats nature. Especially our local beach. Every morning my husband and I pinch ourselves as we’re completely swept away by the beauty of the way the sun glistens on the water, the dolphins who visit every now and then, the mountains in the background, and the ever-changing colour of the sky. It’s paradise! and such a beautiful way to start the day.

What has been your biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment in the natural beauty world?

The single most important ‘ah ha’ moment for me has been meeting the makers of various natural beauty brands to understand ingredients at a deeper level. You can not simply read an ingredient list to cast judgment over whether one product is better than another. This is a very superficial, simplistic and uneducated way to scrutinise a product or brand. Sure, it’s a great tip to recommend people to do when shopping, so as to check whether there are any toxic ingredients in the product, but it’s not the way I choose the brands we stock on, as that would be far too irresponsible considering the trust our customers place upon us. The best two examples I can give in regards to this are in respect to two brands we sell: LIVE NATIVE and AEOS


Aloe vera is a very common ingredient in natural and organic skin care products. But, not all aloe that’s contained in natural or certified organic skin care is the same. Most is made from a reconstituted aloe powder. But we all know that aloe powder does not occur in nature. It’s been altered in a laboratory. The LIVE NATIVE brand is different and unique, as they use the pure aloe vera gel in their products, which means to you as the customer, that you’re receiving the healing benefits of the 200+ biologically active ingredients that aren’t present in aloe powder due to the method of extraction, processing and preservation it undergoes.


Another incredible example is with the AEOS range which is in a league of its own, and way ahead of its time due to 3 elements.

  1. The water in which AEOS use is drawn from their own spring. (Naturally sourced spring water in contrast to using purified tap water is far better for you as tap water is contaminated with household and industrial toxins in small amounts). AEOS then pass the spring water through various energising and purification devices such as vortex pipes (based on Viktor Schauberger’s work on water), chambers with crystals, and electro-static induction (ESI). ESI treated water passes more easily through the skin membrane, which takes with it the other ingredients within the AEOS product. This is one of the reasons why people who use AEOS see such a dramatic difference in the hydration and health of their skin after using AEOS products.
  2. The crystals that AEOS use are liquid tinctures of crystals prepared by an alchemical process that takes up to 12 months. Other brands either use crushed up crystals that can not cross the skin membrane. Or they place the crystals within the product or energise the water or skin care product with a crystal. This is helpful, but nothing comes close to the tinctures that AEOS use that have an effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the body. I have just visited the lab last month where the alchemy takes place. Oh my!! It was like stepping in to a beautiful fairytale. Quite extraordinary!
  3. The use of biodynamic spelt oil. Not only is spelt extremely high in natural vitamin E, the biodynamic farmer goes beyond the organic farmer, which results in the crops and end ingredient containing higher levels of active components that benefit the skin.


As a customer you wouldn’t be able to tell simply by reading the ingredient list, whether the aloe is from powder or the actual internal gel; or how ‘healthy’ and ‘available’ the water component is, for example. But as an online retail owner this level of research is what I love to do, so that we can provide our customers with products that go beyond the norms of what is considered and accepted as natural and organic. The relationship we have with our customers is really special and personal, as they understand just how far we go in terms of researching the best natural beauty products that deliver impressive results. It’s a simple thing that is true no matter what industry you’re in … and that’s … you get what you pay for. The level of exposure I’ve been shown in respect to the internal workings of brands, all leads to one thing … quality ingredients are not cheap. But a quality product will last you twice or three times as long as the cheaper alternative, which means you end up paying the same amount in the long run. So if you’re looking at a cheap certified organic product that contains a huge variety of active ingredients you might want to second guess that purchase. It’s a false economy. The perfect example is with our HAUT BB CREAM. The little jar costs $42.95 and appears small, but it lasts 3 – 4 months, and HAUT makeup dramatically improves the condition of your skin, so you end up using less as the months go by. Another brand may appear cheaper at $32.00 but it will last 2 months and contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, such as mica, hydrogenated oils, and other naturally-derived irritants.


How do you add a little luxe to your life?

Lazy sleep ins on Sundays with my husband. The ultimate luxury!


BIO: sam

Samantha Sargent is an advocate for natural beauty, health and wellbeing. She is the founder of Be genki, the animal-, environment-, everything-friendly brand, that recommends a holistic approach to beauty and self-care; and the founder of Be naturallyou, an online shop that bridges the gap between natural and luxury. Products with integrity that work. With a side of inspiration, interviews and common sense beauty tips to help encourage women (and men) to fall in love with themselves (and their bodies) again. Based on 16+ years of industry experience.

What makes Sam’s approach unique is the depth of research she undertakes, coupled with her holistic and common sense approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives, by addressing all aspects of life: relationships, work, nutrition, ‘me’ time, exercise, education, inspiration and relaxation, to name a few; by drawing down on her diverse background of Holistic Nutrition, Make Up Artistry, Skin Care and Image Training, Physical Education (Fitness), Aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation and Aura-Soma.

Sam enjoys inspiring holistic happiness via Be genki and Be Naturallyou, and also as a writer and blogger providing tips on how to incorporate daily self-caring rituals that promote inner health and harmony in the face of life’s little pressures.


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