SIMPLE as that Vapour Rub + giveaway


I’m not sure if it’s just our household or not but it seems this winter we (mostly myself and my one year old) have been picking up every bug that is going around. As soon as I sense a bug looming I load us up on minerals and Echinacea (prescribed from my naturopath) and I have also started taking Olive Leaf Extract to help after Sam from Be Naturallyou reminded me how effective it is.

I also apply a vapour rub, particularly at night-time- I put it on my sons chest and back as well as his feet under socks (maybe it’s just an old wives tale but it has been said to help with coughs and colds- so for now I’m running with it!).

A few years ago when I was researching ingredients I discovered that the good old common household product Vicks actually contained petrolatum (a possible carcinogenic and known to cause skin aliments) and turpentine oil. YUK! They are quite sneaky though and don’t seem to mention this on their website- they only list the active ingredients. In my quest to find a safe alternative I discovered a few and as I was just about to run out of my current one I stumbled across SIMPLE as that (via Instagram of course!). Which uses simple ingredients you can trust and that work! They have an adult version and a version completely safe for newborns (which has been formulated at half the strength (of essential oils) to make it safe for newborn skin).

Because I love SIMPLE as that Vapour Rub so much I have teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win a tub! Head on over to Instagram and all you have to do is tag some friends (as many times as you like), follow @simpleasthatskin and @rawandpure! Entries close 6/8/15. PS how fabulous do their entire product range look! Simple yet elegant.



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