Spud Sponge- sponges for your face


Ever get sick of washing tonnes of face washers or throwing heaps of cotton pads/balls in the rubbish whilst cleaning your face? Well I did and this was when I discovered Spud Sponge- a unique, safe, earthy, natural, fun, biodegradable, funky and squishy cleansing device. Spud Sponges are made from Konjac which is a plant and used in many Asian dishes- only recently has it been used as a cleansing tool. The sponge dries up into a hard ball (similar to kitchen sponges) and once immersed in water it expands and becomes soft. It is a gentle way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. You can even use your cleanser on it for added effect.

spud sponge


The Spud Sponges come in three different varieties- pure, turmeric and charcoal depending on your skin type. Check them out!

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