Summer Essentials



Summer is well and truly here in Australia so this week I am sharing my top 4 beauty products to get you through summer!

Ecotan Invisible Tan: This is an absolute beauty, no uncomfortable wait times or stained sheets with this fake tan! It goes on just like a moisturiser and eight hours or so later you are left with a natural glowing tan. I have put it on in the morning before an event but best before you go to bed the night before. You can do two layers for extra colour. It is of course organic and has no hidden nasties. You can purchase online here or here RRP $34.95

Bodecare Dry Body Brush: lets face it, most of us have lumps and bumps in spots we’d rather weren’t there! This Body Brush is the best in the market as no chemicals have been used in treating the natural fibres (read more here). Doing this daily before your morning shower will give you smooth skin and will help to eliminate unwanted cellulite. Miranda Kerr uses this and dry body brushes daily! You can purchase from online here or here RRP $37

Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Serum: this serum smells delightful and oh so summery! Add this before your moisturiser in the morning to get glowing skin. You can use this at night too for an added boost! It is full of nutrients that will get your skin glowing. You can purchase online RRP $79

Indah Coconut Oil: This beautiful multipurpose oil can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. I personally love to slather it on after an evening shower from head to toe for a moisture boost. You can put some in your hair as a treatment and makes a great make up remover too! I have also added a tablespoon or two to a bath to really soak up the goodness. You can purchase online RRP $15





PS. I am no way affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned; I just love their philosophy, the products and their ingredients and how the work for me. Sometimes I am gifted products but I only mention or write about products that I truly love and work.

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