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 “sugar is a hidden, insidious and seductive danger” Sarah Wilson.

Everyone seems to have an option on sugar in some shape or form. From the extremist calorie counting types who deem even fruits as bad, to the types that turn a blind eye and continue to consume processed food that seem to never go off. Me, I take on a more holistic approach. I try to cut out the processed ‘manufactured in a lab’ type of sugars and try to eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. I don’t get caught up in calories but I’m rather of the option that food is medicine we take 3+ times daily. Fill your meals with healthy nutritious organic matter and the body (well my body has!) will soak up the goodness and the results will show through your skin, energy levels and waistline.

Sarah Wilson talks passionately about sugar “…our food system is set up around sugar, and seductively so. A muesli bar can contain more sugar than a block of chocolate, barbecue sauce more than chocolate topping. You try to do the right thing only to find that low-fat “no added sugar” yoghurt contains more sugar than ice cream. You feed your kids “whole grain” cereal in the morning with some fruit juice and pack their lunchboxes with “healthy” snacks… by play-lunch they’ve eaten their way through a Mars-bar-and-cola-worth of sweet stuff… I soon learned just about everything we eat is laced with sugar. I found breakfast was a minefield and trying to grab a snack on the run- at the airport or convenience store- was literally impossible.”

I am very interested in sugar, but in no way an expert. I like reading and learning how certain elements affect us and in my experience when I have limited sugars in my diet I have felt more energised, have clearer skin and I think with clarity.

If you would like to read up more on sugar I suggest the following resources:

  • Cyndi O’Meara: both her book Changing Habits Changing Lives and her recipe book are great resources to have. She is an absolute wealth of information. Check out her website too.
  • Sarah Wilson: e-book- I Quit Sugar. Another great source of information and includes amazing delicious recipes. Available here for an instant download.
  • David Gillespie: I have his book Sweet Poison but am yet read it. I have heard lots about him and his books so another good resource.

Sugar free September

You may have heard of a few challenges through social media promoting going sugar free for the month of September. The Muesli has set up a challenge for people to cut out processed sugars for the entire month of September, as a way to do something positive for you. They are asking that you check anything that you’re going to eat or drink for its sugar levels. If they are higher than 5% (5g per 100g) you then make the decision not to eat or drink it. It is a great exercise to see how much sugar is actually hidden in the products we eat and drink.

Another sugar free initiative is from Choose Life Live It Do It. They are running an Instagram challenge to also go without refined sugar for 30 days. Starting today!

So really there are no excuses, there are some fabulous reads around to help support your knowledge of sugar and these great initiatives. So join in the fun and let me know via social media that you are joining in!


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