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There are so many fabulous skin care brands out there now that are effective and contain no nasties- tick, tick! So, when I was sent the Tailor Skin Care range to try I didn’t think it would be that different to many of the others I’ve tried. I was wrong! These hand-crafted skincare products are unique and absolutely effective. My skin has been so dry and flaky (hello winter!) and since using this skin care range my skin is super hydrated and almost ‘glowey’! I had actually started to give up hope and thought that my skin was just like that and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I’m so thankful that there are clever people (aka Sara Quilter- director of Tailor) out there creating fabulous ranges that work and also look beautiful (ok, I am actually a sucker for beautiful packaging and branding!)!

A bit about Tailor Skin Care:

Tailor Skin Care was founded in 2012 by New Zealand born, Taranaki local, Sara Quilter. While studying natural health and organic agriculture in California, Sara began developing natural skincare formulations and methods for detoxification. Finding bentonite clay as the most effective and gentle way to detox, clear and exfoliate the skin, word quickly spread leading Sara to start up production of her first product Tailor Masque in her father’s shed. Today Tailor Skincare is a successful grass roots company with a range of products to suit all skin types using ingredients that work synergistically with the skins natural processes to promote healthy well balanced skin.

I love Tailor Skincare so much that I will be running a giveaway over on Instagram– so be sure to keep checking in to get all the details!

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