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I’ve mentioned Noosa Basics deodorants as a must for mothers to be and breastfeeding mothers but this is actually one of my all-time favourite natural and completely effective deodorant brands. I’ve been trialling tonnes of natural deodorants over the years in search of ones that I find truly work and you can read more about them in my Brand Directory and here.

But today I want to focus on the Noosa Basics Ally Oop Deodorant Stick. In my top five deodorants most of them are in little tubs that you apply with your finger, for me the fact that this deodorant is in a stick is a winner- my morning routine just got quicker! I stumbled across this brand, which I had never heard about, whilst on holiday in Queensland last year. It caught my eye as I had been a little frustrated with the ‘apply with your finger’ ones and thought I’d have to try it!

This is the deodorant that I use most days and I love the fact that it is quick, effective and dry. A little tip though- if you live in colder areas like me, wet it slightly with water before applying, it makes it easier to apply.

Not only does this fabulous little Australian made company product the best deodorant sticks, they also make super nourishing lip balms, scrubs, shampoo and conditioner and surf spray.

Head on over to Noosa Basics to check them out.

Noosa Basics Organic Deodorant

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