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I have recently discovered Vie Active wear and absolutely love my Rockell Black Leopard tights! They are seriously so comfy and are the perfect tight to wear throughout the day from workout to café. Not only are they oh so supportive they also have the most amazing fabrics. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely people over at Vie Active.

Vie Active is fast becoming one of the hottest brands of active wear
around, how did the brand begin?

Vie Active began one afternoon after our co-founder Noa, a personal trainer at the time had just gotten home after a day of back to back clients, preschool drop offs, her own workout, grocery shopping and lunch with some friends and realised that she had been in the same gym gear since 5am and felt well – gross. She also missed when she worked in advertising and got to dress up for work everyday and so she began to research fabrics, fits and designs that she could translate into fashionable but still highly functional activewear that she and other trainers could wear all day.

Vie is for the fitness and fashion obsessed. What sets your products apart?

A lot of research goes into the final design and fabrication of each of our pieces. We are one of the only activewear brands to work with Merino – which is one of the most amazing fabrics for an active life. It is breathable, lightweight, natural, anti-stink and will dry super quickly after a sweaty workout.

What inspires the amazing prints featured in your products?

Nature and the Vie Active woman are the two biggest inspirations for the prints. We want everyone who wears our clothes to feel strong, confident and happy and we try to create prints that do just that. I also spend a lot of time outdoors and being in nature inspires many of our prints.


How do you balance work and your active life? Do you have a favourite

As a team we’re all very active and inspire each other to workout, try new workouts and stay active. Each week we do a team workout together and try something that sometimes pushes some of use out of our comfort zone – but it’s good to do that once in a while. We will do anything from Krav Maga to Xtend Barre or even trampolining. As a team we often meet in the morning before work and get a workout in together too.

Who or what inspires you?

Our Community, I am inspired everyday by the posts I see of women in our clothes and when we do competitions it is amazing to see that our community members come from such diverse fitness backgrounds from ice skating to cross fit to barre, it reminds me anything is possible when you lead an active life.

Any advice for those wishing to seek a more active lifestyle?

I know that everyone says this but try new things – do a barre class, try boxing or cross fit, anything that moves your body can help so find what works for you.

Our friends at Bottoms Up Fitness have a great workout called GIRLS it stands for Great butt, Irresistible arms, Ripped abs, Lovely back, Sexy legs and it just works all the right bits to tighten and tone – try it here –


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