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I’ve particularly noticed this winter my skin is drier than usual. Our skin usually changes with seasons and mine sure has! I thought I’d share with you my top natural and organic products that are helping my skin this cold winter.

My most favourite product is Rosehip Oil. I use Rosehip Oil year round on my face. I add a few drops and press into my skin every night to clean skin and if I still need extra moisture in the morning I add a drop or two to my moisturiser, particularly in winter. This works an absolute treat! It is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants so not surprising that it hydrates, smooths and evens out skin. It will seriously give you a healthy glow! If you still need convincing check out more info here. I am running low and am going to give this one from Kosmea a go.

Next is a natural body oil. I’ve been using Sea Buckthorn Body Oil from Weleda.  I find body oils work best in winter as they are really nourishing and soak deep into the skin. I apply after showing on damp skin and this one has a lovely fresh citrus scent. Available here for $35.90

My second go to product is an organic paw paw balm. A real one! Not the sort that says it is but is also full of toxic ingredients including petrochemicals. You need to be careful here as some companies don’t list all ingredients on their products packaging. Sneaky trickers! I can highly recommend this one by Suvana. I bought it from my local health food shop for $9.55, a tad more expensive than other organic ones on the market, but defiantly worth it. It nourishes my lips, lasted longer than 5 seconds and I found that using it actually made my lips and the skin around them that much better over time. I’m about to go out and purchase my second tube.

My last but certainly not least favourite product for winter is Eco-Tan Winter Skin. It is a gradual tanner, not like those nasty chemical ridden ones you buy from the supermarket. They use all natural and/or organic ingredients and they also use natural cacao… yep, a must for this chocoholic! I use this all over my body to take the edge off my pasty winter complexion. It works a treat! Available here for $29.95

These products are completely chemical free and are SO beneficial for your body. I only recommend products that I truly love, work effectively and are beneficial. Of course remember we all have different skin types but my combination skin loves these products.

What are your winter skin savers? Do you use any of the above products?

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